re + ——— oe”

It's the closing minutes of am Waportant match...

-\ Hotshot Harry’s got the ball! Can he score in time?

LSE any

= = amy oe

But Sneaky Smith | isn’t happy about it..2

Yes! Now we a ns qualify for the final! 7 Hotshot Harry! ©

¥t LEGO Adventures!

Thanks to you, Harry! Good to have you on the team! Hmm... maybe he won't be on the team next week, if my plan works out! Ha, ha, ha!

| can’t wait for = the game this ) afternoon!

That s enough training for today, lads! You're looking great!

What's going on?

LEGO Adventures! | 3 |

I’m going to kidnap you for a few hours so that you miss

the match!

Don’t worry. I'll set you free, after LEGO City have lost to Slab

Rovers! Ha, ha, ha!

r LEGO Adventures!

Help! This is definitely a foul tackle!

It’s Sneaky Smith, the manager of Slab Rovers, the team we're playing today! Where are you taking me?

LEGO City are sure to lose without Hotshot Harry!

—~ #

| [haven't seen him since | training, Coach! |


I'll have to play our substitute, but we won't win without our star player!

Sneaky tied my arms up, but not my legs. Big mistake!

Wiles away, inside a locked shed. i

I've got to find a way to escape!

LEGO Adventures! 5 |

I've got to hurry if I’m to play in the match!

At the match...

Good job I’m fit!

It’s almost half time and we need a goal! If only Harry was here!

| 6 | LEGO Adventures!

Great to see you, Sarre. Youre onin The second half!

Hooray! We won the cup!

And all Sneaky won was a headache! Ha, ha!

LEGO Adventures! i

This impressive medal is the Eagle Scout Award. It's given to American Boy Scouts who pass difficult tests. More than 1 million Boy Scouts have received the medal

since 1911.

8 LEGO Adventures!


nd medals are awarded to

rform amazing feats! look at different

Trophies a people who pe Let’s take a closer

kinds of trophies and medals!

Rosettes are made from colourful material. They're often awarded to the winners of . such events as horse-riding and school sports days.

In the Olympics, gold medals are awarded to winners of events and silver and bronze medals are awarded to those who come second and third!


$ S = = a > = S fz 5 = = = = 3 2 Ss <3 = = os

Special silver cups and medals are often used to reward winning Trophies and medals usually have the name of the winner engrav’ onto them!

EGO Adventures!

10° LEGO Adventures!

More building ideas!

Try building this

reat sports stadium and adding athletic Mini figures!

Take part in your own real-life races and award yourself a LEGO medal!

Cend us a picture Try adding the of your own name of your LEGO creations! favourite team to

your trophy!

Adver ‘Gventure Dee leep Under, fiderground

If you like the

in these fan Let’s take a look at

you're going to love

tactic new books from these cool titles...

Nok 4 saan is launching an exciting new range of including ere are all sorts of titles arriving, n =

and much more! .- ; PTRAS

Cool Carsis part of the Brick Tricks range, offering quick building ideas on handy flip-over pages! i

Part of the new Master Builderseries, Busy City 50 LEGO bricks. With the

contains a book plus aid of building plans, you can make 15 models lanes, boats and diggers!

including helicopters, P

LEGO Adventures!

Look out for all these great books on sale from October Sth!

ely the book j insidel

oY Medieval Mischief and Mayhem

7 : ft & Js fognake from |£__ Creator Bris Check out the continuing adventures of the pact Knights’ Kingdom in this ling great comic strip book!

‘ean win 2 complete set of LEGO Media books! “or ammers-up can win a LEGO Media comic book! ©) mw ewe to do is answer this question:

Whe ittinaps Hotshot Harry in this issue? Is it:

= =agm Read

= agian Ross

~ Svesity Senith

Sent saur answer to:

_ 5S) Mesa Book Competition

Competition Rules

The first correct entry received before the closing date of 25th October 2000 will receive a complete set of LEGO Media books (Masterbuilders: Busy City, Mars Mission, Create ‘N’ Race, Knights’ Kingdom, Rock Raiders, Brick Tricks: Cool Cars and Fantastic Fliers. Four runners- up will receive a LEGO Media comic book. The editor's decision is final and no

Sa Rabwentures! PO Box 21327 SET ae mae 13 | nso CIM 9SF ll

If yousa gets stuck, turn to de answers on


1m lee IF How many RZ ul inser maze to the treasure chest! can you count m this pictures

NIGHTS Lee How many differences can you spot on the picture on the right?

LEGO Adventuree!

aH = Ww YW ”n Yn < S he pc Wy © Oo Lif i 7 4) © i A) th 4) om ao = om t=) = = = o mel oO a = = Rep hom [o] i oO et w = © =

go WT Be as creative as you can be and you could win a cool prize!

= Here are some more great aoe ideas. Take a picture Watch Pa of your own models and send it in to LEGO Letters!

Add a piece of string and wear your bow tie for real!

0 pieces on your map

Use special LEG e where you live!

to show everyon

LEGO Adventures!

Join the Arctic Explorers in this cool LEGO game. Compete against your

friends to discover W the first to reach t

ho will be Pte Rescued by

helicopter. Move

ne Polar Base! : : ; on four spaces!

You've fou supplies. one space!

18 LEGO Adventures!

You fall down deep crevasse! Mics a turn!

Stranded in a cnowstorm! Miss a turn!

Find a space meteor. Move on one space!

7 LEGO Adventures! 19

's a very wind

7) S83! as

Reports on traffic from the

LEGO City TV helicopter! This is Eagle-Eyed Ted

reporting! A huge tornado is heading straight for LEGO City!

Keeping the streets of LEGO City safe from criminals!

Always trying to steal money and make a quick getaway! _

EG LEGO Adventures!

The emergency services are on = : Joey! aoe here alert and advise everyone to now! It’s 00 stay off the streets! Ee dangerous outside!

But, mum! It’s perfect weather for flying a kite!

Attention, this is the Chief! The tornado is approaching! We need to evacuate Brickabrac Lane! Get everyone to the shelter!

ol Wt

ot th ot ( ee ~Vau a) me

s a ai ae

You heard the m Chief! Let’s go!

LEGO Adventures!

Patrolman Bill! It’s my son, Joey. | can’t find him anywhere!

Don’t worry,

we'll find him! a Bill to Police ‘copter! We've got a young boy | missing. Can you spot him? |

| see him, Bill! He’s on the beachfront, flying his kite. You'll have to move fast!

| 22 | LEGO Adventures!

Yeah, but who's got you?

Hold on tight! We'll have to ride like the wind to outrun a tornado!

It’s alright, mum! Patrolman Bill a saved me! Se ‘No more kite- Maybe that'll teach ss flying for at least you to do what your aweek, my boy. mum tells you, Joe' You’re grounded! eee

ve all sorts of

onment. This issue, a look at extreme d the world!

Weather conditions can ha affect on the envir we're going to take weather from aroun

The sun's high temperatures can create deserts and dry out rivers. A lack of water can seriously affect local plants and wildlife.

Clouds form when warm air rises. As the air expands and gets colder, it can no longer hold in its moisture and rain begins to fall.

26 Mec

Scientists use all sorts of special equipment to monitor and predict weather patterns, including balloons:

Lightning strikes occur when thunderstorms collide. Electrical charges form and then strike the ground with over one million watts of energy!

wales have Snow storms and freezing conditions pon such odd are extremely hazardous. Hail stones, van, Bl, lendy gore snow, frost and high winds can cause Ivan, Bill, Wendy, Goraon,

Neat and Charlie! problems for drivers as roads become

slippery and visibility becomes poor.

Hurricanes are very strong storms that begin out at sea and often travel inland. At sea they can create huge tidal waves and cause damage to ships —— of all sizes!



dventures! 25

More amazing building ideas!

This thunder cloud and lightning strike are a lot of fun to construct!

Don't forget to send us a picture of your own models!

Add a letter to each arm, one each for north, south, east and west!

LEGO Adventures! 27)

mpeg ’gan amazing hew attraction opening TE COLAND Windsor this October - om Creation Centre! Here's part two of our behind the scenes of this cool building:

The Modelmakers Centre will be full of LEGOLAND models under construction. Larger models will be worked on by teams of up to six people and take many weeks to be completed!


Speed freaks will be able to design their own racing drivers and virtual cars before taking on opponents in purpose-built racing pods!



i tion | Also on display at the Crea i = Centre will be an exciting | exhibition on LEGO history:

Cend your letters and model photos to ug and win a great prize! The address Is: LEGO Adventures! Egmont Fleetway, Egmont House, 25-31 Tavistock Place,

London WCIH qsu. You can also send The sender of every letter

; ; and photo printed wins a amails to us at: pair wei

This cool Extreme Team jet has been built by 10 year- sl old Josh Hallfrom Banbury! | =—_—T.

a _~ eae : r = . Alex Arditt is a huge fan of LEGO Adventures and had made this set of amazing stunt vehicles!

~ Kyle Peterson was . so born in America. He’s Take a look at this incredibly detailed used a lot of LEGO model of a space station. It’s been bricks to make this carefully constructed by 7 year-old American flag! Jonathan Greiner from Cowbridge!

EW LEGO Adventures!

5 ee > os



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Builder : S\ ' oe |

ofthe Month! © ~~, = al | copy now! a S On sale 25th October!

Builder of the month this issue is 7 year-old Christopher Edwards. We ods 0} sayeus /7 ue 3494) °31ZZNd SHIUNLNIAGY a79nnl = think his model of a LEGO city is great! “€ 5} 9 yoauso> ay =TIZZNd LMOd 3DWdS*0E IOWA “yods 0} saouaiayip 6 42 2484) -1ZZNd WOGOND! SLHSINY 7 je “pods 0} SHUN ZY HT Bue 4944) -31ZZNd SHUWM UWS “41 IDV

LEGO Adventures! En

Can you spot the ten differences between the top picture and

the bottom one? We ve ringed one, How can you spot the rest?

That’s all for this month, but come back next issue for more LEGO Adventures!